History of Plaisance Capital

Daniel R. Kozlowski founded Plaisance Capital LLC in November 2008 in Chicago, Illinois. Plaisance began managing a short biased long/short strategy in a private partnership February of 2009.

Prior to founding Plaisance Capital, Mr. Kozlowski had co-founded and co-managed the Janus Long/Short Fund – a public hedged equity mutual fund. The Janus Long/Short Fund grew from seed capital of $5M in assets-under-management in August 2006 to $1.3B by March 2008 when Mr. Kozlowski departed Janus Capital to launch Plaisance Capital in Chicago.

In early 2011, Janus Capital approached Mr. Kozlowski to rejoin the firm to solely manage the Janus Contrarian Fund public mutual fund, a product Mr. Kozlowski supported as an analyst on the Contrarian Value Team early in his career. Mr. Kozlowski agreed, provided that he would be able to continue to manage and control the private partnership on the Janus platform, and that he would retain rights to the private partnership should he ever depart Janus.

Following the merger of Janus and Henderson Global on May 30, 2017, after successfully managing the private partnership and the Janus Contrarian Fund side-by-side for over five years, Mr. Kozlowski notified Janus of his intent to again depart Janus to re-establish Plaisance Capital LLC to which the private partnership would be assigned. On September 1, 2017, Mr. Kozlowski officially separated completely from Janus and Plaisance Capital LLC once again began managing the original private partnership. Plaisance Capital is based in Denver, Colorado.

History of firm name

Plaisance is a French word, meaning ‘pleasantness’ or ‘park’

The Midway Plaisance, known locally as the Midway, is a Chicago public park on the South Side of Chicago, Illinois. It is one mile long by 220 yards wide and extends along 59th and 60th streets, joining Washington Park at its west end and Jackson Park at its east end.

It came to prominence when it hosted amusements at the World’s Columbian Exposition in 1893, lending the name “Midway” to areas at county and state fairs with sideshows. Later designers and artists added (or sought to add) their vision to the Midway. A pet project of the University of Chicago and almost a part of its campus, it has remained essentially a green area. The proximity of the Midway to the University gave the school’s early football teams, the Maroons, a second nickname, “Monsters of the Midway”, a name later applied to the Chicago Bears when the University of Chicago dropped its football program.